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The Role of the Geologist in Exploration and Mining is a path for exploration and mining geologists. It offers the geologist, engineer and student with a comprehensive dialogue of the duties of the geologist in an exploration program, a prospect evaluation, and a producing mine. This path is the last in a suite of 5 Exploration and Mining Geology courses.

Porphyry Deposits: General characteristics and modeling

Porphyry Deposits
The Basics Intrusion centered Spatially associated with porphyritic intrusions Dominantly related to a volcanic edifice Geometry reflects the intrusive system, structures, and host...

Hydrothermal Alteration

Hydrothermal alteration zones associated with porphyry copper deposit
What is alteration? Hydrothermal alteration is a complex process involving mineralogical, chemical and textural changes, resulting from the interaction of hot aqueous fluids with...

Ore Bearing Hydrothermal Fluids

The four most important considerations in the formation of ore deposits are: 1. Source and character of ore-bearing fluids. 2. Source of the...

Economically Important Metal Concentrations in Earth’s Crust

Economically Important MetalConcentrations in Earth’s Crust
Consider Canada, one of the world's largest manufacturers. Canada has the largest mining regions in the world and has been one of the biggest...