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Carbonates are a set of minerals made of carbon, oxygen, and a metal element. This calcite referred to as calcium carbonate is the maximum common of the carbonate group.


Azurite is not a common or abundant mineral, but it is beautiful and its blue color attracts attention. It has been used by people in many parts of the world for thousands of years. Ancient people used it as an ore of copper, as a pigment, as a gemstone, and as an ornamental stone. It is still used for all of these purposes today


Stichtite is a mineral that is known for its striking violet to pinkish-purple color. It is a relatively rare mineral and is often found...


Gaspeite is a relatively rare and vibrant green mineral that belongs to the carbonate mineral group. It is named after the Gaspé Peninsula in...


Azurmalachite is a semi-precious gemstone that is often used in jewelry and ornamental objects. It is known for its striking blue and green coloration,...

Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum stone is a unique and captivating mineral with a rich history, valued for its striking appearance and intricate patterns. This stone is not...


Cobaltocalcite is a captivating and visually distinctive mineral that belongs to the calcite group of minerals. It is renowned for its remarkable pink to...


Smithsonite is a mineral that belongs to the carbonate group. It is named after James Smithson, an English scientist and mineralogist who was the...


Cerussite is a mineral that belongs to the carbonate group. It is composed of lead carbonate (PbCO3) and has a relatively high lead content....


Aragonite is a carbonate mineral and its formula is calcium carbonate. It has the same formula as Calcite and Vaterite, but has a different...


Rhodochrosite is a carbonate mineral with formula: MnCO3. It has a classic rose-pink color, but specimens can also be brown or gray. It forms dogtooth or rhombohedral crystals like calcite, but it may also occur in stalactitic, granular, nodular, botryoidal, and massive habits. Rhodochrosite is found in hydrothermal ore veins with sphalerite, galena, fluorite, and manganese oxides.


Possibly the earliest ore of copper, malachite is believed to have been mined in the Sinai and eastern deserts of ancient Egypt from as early as 3000 BCE. Single crystals are uncommon; when found, they are short to long prisms.
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Dolostone (Dolomite)

An important rock-forming mineral, dolomite is named after the French mineralogist Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu. It is a colorless to white, pale brown, grayish, reddish, or pink mineral. Its crystals are commonly rhombohedral or tabular, often have curved faces, and sometimes cluster in saddle-shaped aggregates.