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Structural Geology

It is the branch of geology that studies the 3D geometry from micro to macro scale of rocks to explain the deformation processes the rocks experienced since their origination.

It introduces the physical side of Geological Sciences and emphasizes:

  • Geometry (shape, orientation, position, size, etc.)
  • Motion (beginning and ending positions and paths of particles and bodies—deformation or change in geometry)
  • Mechanics (explanations of why the geometry and motion are asthey are)

Includes lots of observations from the field (but also some from the laboratory and the computermodelling)
Teaches you not only facts, but also skills and techniques that are necessary in advanced classes and central to geologic practice.
Structural geology provides information about the conditions during regional deformation using structures.

Geological Maps

Geological maps are important tools used by geologists to represent the distribution and characteristics of rocks and geological features on the Earth's surface. These...


Folds are wavelike deformation patterns in rock layers or other geological materials that result from the application of stress over a period of time....

Stress and Strain

Stress and strain are fundamental concepts in structural geology that describe how rocks respond to tectonic forces and other forms of deformation. Stress refers...

Fault and Types of Faults

Fault is a fracture or crack where two rock blocks slide past one to another. If this movement may occur rapidly, it can be causes earthquike or slowly, in the form of creep.Types of faults include strike-slip faults, normal faults, reverse faults, thrust faults, and oblique-slip faults.

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics is a scientific theory that explains the movements and behaviors of the Earth's lithosphere, which is composed of the crust and uppermost...
Structural Geology Wall Stone

Structural Geology

Structural geology is the study of the internal structure and deformation of the Earth's crust. Structural geologists use a variety of techniques, including field...