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The rock-forming minerals make up the bulk of most rocks in the
Earth’s crust.. There are almost 5,000 known mineral species, but the vast majority of rocks are composed of combinations of several common minerals called “rock-forming minerals.. Rock-forming minerals are: feldspar, quartz, amphiboles, mica, olivine, garnet, calcite, pyroxenes. These are important for geologists because they are the most common minerals.

To be considered a common rock-forming mineral, you need a mineral:
A) To be one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust;
B) being one of the original minerals present during the formation of a crusted rock; and,
C) Be an important mineral in determining the classification of a rock.


Amphibole is an crucial institution of usually darkish-colored, inosilicate minerals, forming prism or needlelike crystals,composed of double chain SiO 4 tetrahedra, connected at the vertices and normally containing ions of iron and/or magnesium in their systems.


Olivine is one of the most common minerals within the earth, and is a prime rock forming mineral. Despite this, desirable specimens and huge crystals are unusual and fashionable. Only few localities yield large examples of this mineral, even though small and microscopic grains are determined worldwide. Olivine is likewise determined in meteorites, and massive grains were suggested in many of them.