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Feldspathoid minerals are a group of tectosilicate minerals that resemble feldspar but have a different structure and a much lower silica content. They occur in rare and unusual magmatic rocks and are not found in rocks containing primary quartz.


Lazurite is a member of sodalite group in feldspathoid mineral also it is tectosilicate with formula is (Na,Ca)8[(S,Cl,SO4,OH)2|(Al6Si6O24)]. A sodium calcium aluminosilicate, lazurite is the main component of the gemstone lapis lazuli and accounts for the stone’s intense blue color


Sodalite is a feldspathoidal tectosilicate mineral that is rich royal blue widely used as an ornamental gemstone. Chemical formula is Na8 (Al6Si6O24) Cl2. Specimens can be blue, gray, pink, colorless, or other pale shades. They sometimes fluoresce bright orange under ultraviolet light. Sodalite nearly always forms massive aggregates or disseminated grains.


Leucite is a feldspathoid mineral in group of tectosilicate. It is a rock forming mineral include potassium and aluminium tectosilicate, formula is K.Specimens can...


Nepheline is the most common feldspathoid mineral in the world, its name from the Greek word nephele, which means “cloud” a reference to the fact that the mineral becomes cloudy or milky in strong acids. Specimens are usually white in color, often with a yellowish or grayish tint.

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