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The Cetina River Eye

This reservoir like eye is the source of the Cetina river in southern Croatia. It has a length of 101 km and also its basin covers an area of 1,463 km2. From its source, Cetina descends from an elevation of 385 metres above sea level to the Adriatic Sea. It is the most water-rich river in Dalmatia.

Map of the Catine River

The eye of Cetina river in Croatia is more than 150 meters (490 feet) deep.

The eye of catine river

The source of the river is a karst spring.
Besides the Vismur basin, Cetina also receives a lot of water from the western Bosnian karst field via underground routes. Its lower route starts 20 kilometers (12 mi) from Omiš, near the village of Zadvarje, at an altitude of 49 meters (161 ft) above sea level from the Gubavica Waterfalls. Here it leaves its canyon and flows into a valley that still retains the appearance of a canyon.

The second part of Cetina and its relatively large drop in height was used to build several important hydroelectric power stations.

The total drainage area is around 12,000 km2 and the annual discharge is around 105 m3s-1 as a result of an average annual precipitation of 1380 mm.


Cetina River Canyon is also known as an important historical and archaeological site. Archaeologists have found axes from ancient times, the remains of weapons of Roman legionnaires, medieval tools, etc., around the river and in the bed of Cetina. they found it. The finds were items of historical importance.

Catine river source spring
cetina river karst spring
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